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Monday, December 22, 2008

November - Angel Thoughts

Greetings Earth Angels,

As 2008 is winding down you are (like me) probably asking yourself what is in store for me next year. You may also have pondered what you have really accomplished. Depending on where you are in your personal energy cycle, your manifestations may be very clear and you may have visible proof of your hard work and dedication such as a new job, new relationship, or greater self-awareness. Or you may feel like you haven’t made any progress at all, with no visible signs of your efforts. On the contrary, you are exactly where you should be, even if your challenges are staring you in the face. This is an excellent opportunity to continue to choose to see your life from a greater perspective through your spiritual practice, affirmations, mediation, study groups, and introspection. You really have made progress even if it may be hard to see right now. However, in reality changes happen gradually, you take things a step at a time using the guidance as it comes. With each step you make a path to the new you.

I ask that you give yourself some credit for putting forth the effort to change what is no longer serving you, and for asking for guidance when you need support and answers. You might be surprised to see that you are doing a pretty good job and all of your efforts are working. Take some time to look at the person you have become. I guarantee that you are not the same person you were a year ago. You have gained a greater understanding of who you are, you do know what no longer suits you, you know you want to experience abundance and prosperity without stress or struggle, and there are probably relationships and situations that you will no longer put up with. You are more than half way there, in fact you are there and you just don’t know what there should look like because it is new; the surroundings are different, or people treat you differently.

If you are scratching your head let me give you a personal example. I have been contemplating whether teaching and spiritual work is really part of my path. “Am I meant to do this? Am I really helping others experience their own light”? I have been waiting for an Angel or Ascended Master to pop in and personally hand me an agenda with a glowing recommendation (of course this has not happened). The thought came to me are you teaching now? Do your students leave with smiles? Do your clients express how much better they feel? The answer to all of this is yes. My point is, although I have not received a big publishing contract or the opportunity to reach larger audiences, I am teaching and counseling where and when I am needed. Yet, I am in a place to give myself the time and attention I need to attract the right partner and the opportunities that Spirit has meant for me.

When I think about it my life is pretty good. There are some areas that are a work in progress, but at the end of the day I have everything I need. I am also experiencing life in a much more connected way, which means I am much more aware of what needs to change within me, and I am learning the patience to wait for the answers of how to allow the changes to take place. I am also able to assist others in a much more profound and helpful way.

So, please give yourself some credit for where you are, and don’t try so hard. You are doing a great job, and I am proud of you. If any self doubt sets in repeat this prayer

I am a beloved child of God; I know that God is guiding me at all times. I ask for the courage and strength to follow my heart and to trust I am where I need to be. Knowing I am loved and protected along the way.

I know this is so