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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Practicing Faith in Times of Change


I have been silent lately growing and transforming, there is much that I have learned and want to share with you. I have been in contact with many of you and I know that life is challenging you and moving you in new directions. This addition of the “Angel Thoughts” newsletter provides information that may help you through this period of transition.

It is pretty obvious that individuals, society and the earth are experiencing many changes. Some changes have been invoked deliberately and others are completely unexpected, and as with anything that is unfamiliar, it can often summon experiences of anxiety and fear about the future. I believe it is safe to express that most of us are experiencing change at some level and it is probably challenging every fear and belief that you have held close for quite some time.

What is important to remember during periods of transition is that there is a purpose for all of life circumstances and what is even more important to understand that it is a must that you operate from a place of faith; yes, this is easier said then done, but, it is the practice of faith that will heal and transform all adversity. What is faith? Faith is what creates resolution to adversity, crafts a new answer, and manifests our dreams and desires into reality. My understanding of what faith is and how it works has increased significantly these past few months, as I have been experiencing change that has rocked the very core of some of my inner most fears, bringing them to the surface for me to face and transform, into a new story, into a new me.

Practicing faith takes patience, discipline, and the willingness to expand yourself past your fears into a place of peace. Although, you may be in the thick of all of the chaos, there is a center of peace that can be obtained moment by moment. The feeling of peace is imperative because it is allows you to receive guidance, as to which steps to take. This is because when your thoughts are focused on despair you miss the doors of opportunity that may be the answer to your prayers. Picture yourself staring at a closed door pondering, why the door closed, what you did wrong to create the situation, now see someone behind you offering guidance, are you paying attention or are you focusing on what has already happened in the past?

So how can you practice faith in times of change? Each of us is on a path; we learn, love and grow through all of the experiences that are part of our path. I want to share what has guided me through my personal transitions and has produced tangible results in my reality.


1. Acceptance changes, when change occurs accept it. Remember there is a purpose. Fighting change only creates frustration and magnifies the situation.

2. Ask yourself, what is this situation teaching me? Everything in your life has a reason and there is something prompting you to grow and live your potential (is life teaching you about faith, showing you your spiritual strength, are there gifts and talents being activated within you, or are you learning how to empower yourself)?

3. Arm yourself with spiritual tools. In order to keep your energy vibration high (emotions) it is essential that you utilized wisdom that is supporting you. This could be books, CD’s, movies, teachers and spiritual leaders.

4. Limit your exposure to negativity. There is plenty of information to remind you of what is wrong with the world (economy, unemployment, violence ECT). However, focusing on all of this does not change anything; it only intensifies your fears. You may even need to limit your time with people, who are constantly complaining and pointing out what is wrong with you and the world. It is ok to admit to yourself that you are in a vulnerable state and that you need to protect your heart and mind from naysayers until you become stronger.

5. Focus only on what you want to achieve. As Abraham would say tell a different story and stop telling it like it is. Stop cluttering your energy with buts. But what if, but I don’t, but, I am, and but, they. My grandmother used to tell me when I was acting out, stop showing your butt. Are you showing your but? Well, stop it

6. Look for the good in everything. Start each day, expecting miracles; big and small. For example I was driving down the highway and noticed an RV that had the words “living my dreams” printed on the back. To me that was a wonderful affirmation of my path, the message reminded me of my mission and that I am on the right path.

7. Be very clear about what you want. It is very difficult to manifest your goals, when you are not clear about what you want. Clarity creates clear and concise direction. My suggestion is to create a list of what you want, then talk about with a trustworthy friend, who you know will support and give you positive feedback. If they are offering advice in the form of limitations then you know this is not the correct person to talk to.

8. Create an affirmation that affirms your goal and affirm it by reading it out loud; often. My suggestion is to read it to yourself first thing in the morning, at night and anytime of the day that you need to be reminded of what your real goal is.

9. Practice visualization at bedtime. Spend at least five minutes each night picturing, what you want and notice how you feel. Visualization will create clarity and excitement for what is to come.

10. Practice appreciation before your go to bed. Set aside time to focus on the good things happening (yes, there is something). Give thanks to the Creator and all the physical and non physical forces that are working on your behalf.

Remember, faith empowers you and gives you the strength you need to face adversity. It empowers you with the knowingness that you can create and transform anything. If your faith waivers keep practicing, I know you can do it. I have faith in you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rewrite your personal story

Growing up I used to love watching the Charlie Brown specials on TV. My favorite episode is when he sets off to find his soul mate the red haired girl with no name; As I grew older, however, I found the cartoon and comic less entertaining and more irritating as I watched how he was treated by his friends. As an adult I still feel somewhat annoyed with the state of Charlie Brown's life. Charlie Brown seems to represent a mind state that most of us have experienced. If you really think about it, Charlie's character is always a well-intentioned person who approaches life with a heightened sense of awareness that many in his immediate environment do not share. To further understand Charlie's metaphor let's take a look at a few key characters in his life:

Lucy: The self proclaimed psychologist who knows it all but lacks the capability to live her own advice. She knows what is best for everyone else. Dealing with Lucy is all about setting clear boundaries. If this character pops up, we probably are in need of setting better boundaries with our friends, partners and family members.

Linus: Charlie's closest friend whose insecurity reflects his fear to rely on his inner resources for security and safety. Instead, he looks for an object outside of himself to give him comfort. Linus teaches us the importance of creating safe environments for ourselves. There is no person or object that can insure your safety, If you are not feeling safe, take some time to uncover what you are afraid of. Chances are it's not as bad as you think.

Pig Pen: His untidy nature reflects his fear of getting close to people, so he keeps his mind and appearance cluttered in order to stay safe. He has a lot to say and offer the world, but you would never know it because no one will get close to him. Why is Pig Pen afraid of getting hurt? He is missing out on real intimacy. Sometimes we have to take the risk in order to have the experience.

Sally (Charlie's sister): Self-absorbed sibling or friend who fails to listen to anything that is not about her or her problems. In her current state, it is just not in her nature to actively listen. Sally really can't help that she is the center of her universe, which is okay. Just remember that she is not the center of yours. If you need a break from her neediness, it is okay to pull back. Doing this will help her learn to rely on her inner strength for confidence. Also, it's helpful not to expect support when she is like this. So this is a time for you to rely on your inner strength as well!

Schroeder: An aloof musician who is content with staying in his own world and not participating in life's experiences. There are times that we are all like Schroeder. There is a need to go within and be in that creative place, but it is important to participate in the world. Taking those wonderful ideas and concepts and putting them to action gives us experience and a different perspective in life.

Peppermint Patty: The overly aggressive friend who loves to hear the sound of her own voice. She has something to say about everything and everyone. Deep down she has a good heart but allows her aggressiveness to become controlling instead of helpful. Patty could learn to balance her aggressive side by tapping into her own inner voice. This way she will be able to discern when to become involved and when not to. Oh, and wouldn't it be fun if she would be honest with her feelings about Chuck? It might take the edge off.

Snoopy & Woodstock: The Zen teachers of the bunch. They enjoy life, participate in the world, but are not of it. They go with the flow and do not allow the opinion of others to keep them from their joy.

Our beloved Charlie Brown, we all love him and we are him in many ways. His only mistake is that he allows the opinion of others to affect how he experiences life. Time and time again I have watched him give up before the blessing because he believes the peanut gallery. He believes he is not worthy and too stupid to do anything correctly, so he ultimately becomes the victim. He doesn't realize he is listening to a group of peers who do not love themselves and who are incapable of giving him the support he needs because they too have unresolved inner conflict that has nothing to do with him.

So what can Charlie do? He can rewrite his story. In my rewrite, I see him walking full of confidence past Lucy and Peppermint Patty, telling them that their opinions may be true for them but not for him. I see him listening to his sister in a loving detached way, knowing that it is not always up him to come to her rescue and remembering that the Universe is orchestrating solutions for her so that she can continue on her path. Finally, I witness him connecting with that same inner wisdom that his beloved pets connect to by following their example of self love and freedom! Soon the voice of the peanut gallery have no impact on his world because of his diligent practice of his inner work. In fact, his friends are so inspired by the changes he has made they follow his lead. Those who are not ready are no longer in his experience and go off to look for other children who will accept their opinions as truth.

If you think about each one of these characters, you know someone like them. In reality, there is an aspect of each of them within each of us. In fact, if you were brave enough to admit it, you have been the Lucy or Sally in someone's life. So this playful journey is not about judgment or blame. It is a unique way of looking at life. This gives us the opportunity to take a look at how we often sabotage our own efforts through self doubt and lack of faith. We are at a time where we can continuously rewrite our story. We can become empowered by our hurtful experiences instead of being victimized by them. If we feel weak and need the courage to continue, we have a vast amount of angelic resources to give us the strength we need.

Remember, you make a difference in the world whether you know it or not. How you interact in your world and how you feel about yourself inspires and helps others. You are all teachers and healers in your own unique way and the Universe has confidence in you. You are being asked to summon this confidence within yourself because the world needs your Light.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aha Moment - D'oh!

In addition to the Angel Thoughts newsletter I have decided to begin posting little love notes called Aha Moments or as Homer S would say D’oh!

Yesterday, I decided to go to the local Coffee House to work on my next workshop and have a cup of Jasmine tea. When I walked in two of the clerks asked if I did tarot readings because they had seen me previously give my co-worker a reading during lunch time. They expressed interest in tarot and we briefly talked about the responsibilities of being a reader; overall it was a nice conversation, I told them about metaphysical bookstores that usually screen their readers thinking of one of the psychics I visit for personal readings (yes psychics have psychics). When I sat down I thought how silly why in the world would I direct them to someone else? Its one thing if someone asks for expertise that I don’t have such as astrology or mediumship, but this was not the case. I actively pointed them to someone else besides me, even if they didn’t want a reading I still was putting out the energy that it was not me who could do the reading.

I sat and thought about what had just happened, which brought up another incident where I am reluctant to post information regarding the Satari Amber website in face book in fear of potential employers judging me and not hiring me due to the content. The Aha moment hit me between the eyes as my fear of being exposed as a Lightworker is holding me back from expanding, the days of being persecuted for my beliefs are long over and any comments someone would have would just be their opinion; no real harm can be done. With my desire to be of service doing spiritual work full time I need to make the decision once and for all that this is what I want to do. Living in both worlds is becoming tiring because there are many friends and family who have no idea that I have a spiritually based business, teaching workshops, coaching and advising.

My lesson is to focus and invest my energy in the potential and mystery of it all, by making a commitment and believing that this is possible. I allow the opportunities for expansion to take place.

For the rest of the week make what you do want the focus of your attention, instead of limitations.



Monday, February 16, 2009

Angel Thought's - Walking your path in truth

Greetings Earth Angels,

I am elated that the New Year has arrived along with the support and guidance that we all need. I am sure that all of you have felt the energy shift along with the call to action; the urge to be more than what you have perceived yourself to be. There is within us this hope and belief that anything is possible, if only we knew how to get there. The fact is that we are already there.

I have conducted many readings these past few weeks and the common theme has been to follow your heart. I have found that Spirit is asking each of us to make a choice. We can follow our heart and live out our dreams, or we can get caught up in the hype, and worry and choose to live in fear. There is no judgment regarding which choice to make, but what is necessary to understand is that the decision must be made as to which path you will take. If we decided to take the path that leads us to our dream, each stepping stone on our path will be illuminated one step at a time. However, in order for this journey to be relatively smooth and one that is created in Divine wisdom and love, we must walk with the mind of faith and trust. Trust that we are guided and faith that all is well, and know that worry and fear will not bring us what we need or desire it will only create more fear.

On this journey we will encounter stones, rocks, and a few large boulders on our path, but these obstacles are the lessons that are needed to take you to that next stepping stone. This is where the inner work takes place and it starts by seeing yourself and life circumstances from a spiritual perspective. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, what beliefs do you hold about money and abundance that are blocking you? If you are experiencing anxiety and fear ask yourself why do you not trust the process of life. This list could continue, but I know that all of you have the courage and strength to ask these questions, and the stamina to mindfully and peacefully allow the answers to come to you.

Are you going to allow yourself to enjoy this life journey or are you going to continue to let your fears be your excuse as to why you cannot achieve your dreams or be who you are? Are you going to continue to let the opinions of others define your self-worth or are you going to listen to the truth of how loved and supported you be your guidance system. I know that the answer is no to everyone who is reading this because you are no longer content with what no longer has meaning or purpose in your life.

What will help you take a new direction is to keep your focus on your path and be mindful of each step you take and pay attention. There may be an unlikely message along the way. It could be a teacher in disguise teaching you how to love and trust your talents, or a master pushing you to excuse the opinions of others and no longer allow them to gauge your self-worth or abilities.

There is much to learn on this path but there is also more to enjoy on this journey. I ask that you continue your faith and courage and the knowingness that your needs will be met, your mistakes (lessons) will be corrected and noted, and that you will soon accept the undeniable TRUTH that you are worthy.