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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aha Moment - D'oh!

In addition to the Angel Thoughts newsletter I have decided to begin posting little love notes called Aha Moments or as Homer S would say D’oh!

Yesterday, I decided to go to the local Coffee House to work on my next workshop and have a cup of Jasmine tea. When I walked in two of the clerks asked if I did tarot readings because they had seen me previously give my co-worker a reading during lunch time. They expressed interest in tarot and we briefly talked about the responsibilities of being a reader; overall it was a nice conversation, I told them about metaphysical bookstores that usually screen their readers thinking of one of the psychics I visit for personal readings (yes psychics have psychics). When I sat down I thought how silly why in the world would I direct them to someone else? Its one thing if someone asks for expertise that I don’t have such as astrology or mediumship, but this was not the case. I actively pointed them to someone else besides me, even if they didn’t want a reading I still was putting out the energy that it was not me who could do the reading.

I sat and thought about what had just happened, which brought up another incident where I am reluctant to post information regarding the Satari Amber website in face book in fear of potential employers judging me and not hiring me due to the content. The Aha moment hit me between the eyes as my fear of being exposed as a Lightworker is holding me back from expanding, the days of being persecuted for my beliefs are long over and any comments someone would have would just be their opinion; no real harm can be done. With my desire to be of service doing spiritual work full time I need to make the decision once and for all that this is what I want to do. Living in both worlds is becoming tiring because there are many friends and family who have no idea that I have a spiritually based business, teaching workshops, coaching and advising.

My lesson is to focus and invest my energy in the potential and mystery of it all, by making a commitment and believing that this is possible. I allow the opportunities for expansion to take place.

For the rest of the week make what you do want the focus of your attention, instead of limitations.