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Monday, February 16, 2009

Angel Thought's - Walking your path in truth

Greetings Earth Angels,

I am elated that the New Year has arrived along with the support and guidance that we all need. I am sure that all of you have felt the energy shift along with the call to action; the urge to be more than what you have perceived yourself to be. There is within us this hope and belief that anything is possible, if only we knew how to get there. The fact is that we are already there.

I have conducted many readings these past few weeks and the common theme has been to follow your heart. I have found that Spirit is asking each of us to make a choice. We can follow our heart and live out our dreams, or we can get caught up in the hype, and worry and choose to live in fear. There is no judgment regarding which choice to make, but what is necessary to understand is that the decision must be made as to which path you will take. If we decided to take the path that leads us to our dream, each stepping stone on our path will be illuminated one step at a time. However, in order for this journey to be relatively smooth and one that is created in Divine wisdom and love, we must walk with the mind of faith and trust. Trust that we are guided and faith that all is well, and know that worry and fear will not bring us what we need or desire it will only create more fear.

On this journey we will encounter stones, rocks, and a few large boulders on our path, but these obstacles are the lessons that are needed to take you to that next stepping stone. This is where the inner work takes place and it starts by seeing yourself and life circumstances from a spiritual perspective. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, what beliefs do you hold about money and abundance that are blocking you? If you are experiencing anxiety and fear ask yourself why do you not trust the process of life. This list could continue, but I know that all of you have the courage and strength to ask these questions, and the stamina to mindfully and peacefully allow the answers to come to you.

Are you going to allow yourself to enjoy this life journey or are you going to continue to let your fears be your excuse as to why you cannot achieve your dreams or be who you are? Are you going to continue to let the opinions of others define your self-worth or are you going to listen to the truth of how loved and supported you be your guidance system. I know that the answer is no to everyone who is reading this because you are no longer content with what no longer has meaning or purpose in your life.

What will help you take a new direction is to keep your focus on your path and be mindful of each step you take and pay attention. There may be an unlikely message along the way. It could be a teacher in disguise teaching you how to love and trust your talents, or a master pushing you to excuse the opinions of others and no longer allow them to gauge your self-worth or abilities.

There is much to learn on this path but there is also more to enjoy on this journey. I ask that you continue your faith and courage and the knowingness that your needs will be met, your mistakes (lessons) will be corrected and noted, and that you will soon accept the undeniable TRUTH that you are worthy.