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Monday, April 20, 2009

Rewrite your personal story

Growing up I used to love watching the Charlie Brown specials on TV. My favorite episode is when he sets off to find his soul mate the red haired girl with no name; As I grew older, however, I found the cartoon and comic less entertaining and more irritating as I watched how he was treated by his friends. As an adult I still feel somewhat annoyed with the state of Charlie Brown's life. Charlie Brown seems to represent a mind state that most of us have experienced. If you really think about it, Charlie's character is always a well-intentioned person who approaches life with a heightened sense of awareness that many in his immediate environment do not share. To further understand Charlie's metaphor let's take a look at a few key characters in his life:

Lucy: The self proclaimed psychologist who knows it all but lacks the capability to live her own advice. She knows what is best for everyone else. Dealing with Lucy is all about setting clear boundaries. If this character pops up, we probably are in need of setting better boundaries with our friends, partners and family members.

Linus: Charlie's closest friend whose insecurity reflects his fear to rely on his inner resources for security and safety. Instead, he looks for an object outside of himself to give him comfort. Linus teaches us the importance of creating safe environments for ourselves. There is no person or object that can insure your safety, If you are not feeling safe, take some time to uncover what you are afraid of. Chances are it's not as bad as you think.

Pig Pen: His untidy nature reflects his fear of getting close to people, so he keeps his mind and appearance cluttered in order to stay safe. He has a lot to say and offer the world, but you would never know it because no one will get close to him. Why is Pig Pen afraid of getting hurt? He is missing out on real intimacy. Sometimes we have to take the risk in order to have the experience.

Sally (Charlie's sister): Self-absorbed sibling or friend who fails to listen to anything that is not about her or her problems. In her current state, it is just not in her nature to actively listen. Sally really can't help that she is the center of her universe, which is okay. Just remember that she is not the center of yours. If you need a break from her neediness, it is okay to pull back. Doing this will help her learn to rely on her inner strength for confidence. Also, it's helpful not to expect support when she is like this. So this is a time for you to rely on your inner strength as well!

Schroeder: An aloof musician who is content with staying in his own world and not participating in life's experiences. There are times that we are all like Schroeder. There is a need to go within and be in that creative place, but it is important to participate in the world. Taking those wonderful ideas and concepts and putting them to action gives us experience and a different perspective in life.

Peppermint Patty: The overly aggressive friend who loves to hear the sound of her own voice. She has something to say about everything and everyone. Deep down she has a good heart but allows her aggressiveness to become controlling instead of helpful. Patty could learn to balance her aggressive side by tapping into her own inner voice. This way she will be able to discern when to become involved and when not to. Oh, and wouldn't it be fun if she would be honest with her feelings about Chuck? It might take the edge off.

Snoopy & Woodstock: The Zen teachers of the bunch. They enjoy life, participate in the world, but are not of it. They go with the flow and do not allow the opinion of others to keep them from their joy.

Our beloved Charlie Brown, we all love him and we are him in many ways. His only mistake is that he allows the opinion of others to affect how he experiences life. Time and time again I have watched him give up before the blessing because he believes the peanut gallery. He believes he is not worthy and too stupid to do anything correctly, so he ultimately becomes the victim. He doesn't realize he is listening to a group of peers who do not love themselves and who are incapable of giving him the support he needs because they too have unresolved inner conflict that has nothing to do with him.

So what can Charlie do? He can rewrite his story. In my rewrite, I see him walking full of confidence past Lucy and Peppermint Patty, telling them that their opinions may be true for them but not for him. I see him listening to his sister in a loving detached way, knowing that it is not always up him to come to her rescue and remembering that the Universe is orchestrating solutions for her so that she can continue on her path. Finally, I witness him connecting with that same inner wisdom that his beloved pets connect to by following their example of self love and freedom! Soon the voice of the peanut gallery have no impact on his world because of his diligent practice of his inner work. In fact, his friends are so inspired by the changes he has made they follow his lead. Those who are not ready are no longer in his experience and go off to look for other children who will accept their opinions as truth.

If you think about each one of these characters, you know someone like them. In reality, there is an aspect of each of them within each of us. In fact, if you were brave enough to admit it, you have been the Lucy or Sally in someone's life. So this playful journey is not about judgment or blame. It is a unique way of looking at life. This gives us the opportunity to take a look at how we often sabotage our own efforts through self doubt and lack of faith. We are at a time where we can continuously rewrite our story. We can become empowered by our hurtful experiences instead of being victimized by them. If we feel weak and need the courage to continue, we have a vast amount of angelic resources to give us the strength we need.

Remember, you make a difference in the world whether you know it or not. How you interact in your world and how you feel about yourself inspires and helps others. You are all teachers and healers in your own unique way and the Universe has confidence in you. You are being asked to summon this confidence within yourself because the world needs your Light.